Do you ride a Triumph Tiger 800XC, a KTM Adventure, a Honda XR 650, or any other dual-purpose bike?
Would you like to enjoy some days of  fantastic offroad-riding on the kind of roads that your dual purpose was built for? Then you should come to Sweden!

In Sweden we have thousands of kilometres of small gravel and forest roads which are open for public riding. In the province of Värmland and in the areas nearby you´ll find some of the best gravel roads in Sweden. The surroundings are beautiful with hundreds of lakes and deep forests.

We make our “basecamp” at Kils Golfklubb in southern Vämland, where we stay in four-bed cabins. The cabins are are equipped with a small kitchen. Toilets and showers are in a building nearby.
In Kil we are at the southern tip of Fryksdalen, just on the edge of Värmland´s wilderness with a great number of gravel roads just around the corner.  The Golf club is situated 25 kilometres north of Karlstad, and only 6 kilometres from Kil, where you can find shops, restaurants and petrol.
We start our Offroad Safari with dinner and driver´s meeting at the Golf Restaurant on Wednesday evening.

Motorbike riding
Our concept is all about active offroad riding without luggage (all your gear be kept in the cottages during the day) and you forget about navigation, where to stop for lunch and petrol, etc. You can just concentrate on your riding.
The first two days we ride about 300 – 350 kilometres and the third day about 200 kilometres on small gravel and forest roads and only short distances on paved roads. Every day in different areas and on different roads of course. Experienced travel guide accompany the group all the time. During the day we make breaks in interesting places. We also stop for petrol and lunch along the way. All meals and petrol is included in the price. In the evenings we always come back to our basecamp.

The riding is suited for dual purpose and offroad bikes. Myself I ride a Husaberg 570 (but don´t let that frighten you!). Good offroad tires like Continental TKC 80 or Metzeler Karoo is recommended. You don´t have to be an offoroad expert to take part in this event, but you should have some experience of riding on gravel. The pace will be adjusted to the participants.

The price is £300 and includes:
– Guided gravel road / offroad riding for three days in different areas.
– Breakfast in the golf restaurant on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning.
– Dinner in the golf restaurant on Wednesday evening, Thursday and Friday evenings and on Saturday afternoon.
– Lunch at different restaurants during Thursday and Friday.
– All petrol during the three riding days (you must have full tank when we start on Thursday though).
– Three nights accommodation in four-bed cabins at Kils Golf Club.

The maximum number of participants is 8.

I can also arrange weekend tours or special arrangements for some summer days. Maybe you want to ride some of the special stages from Rally Sweden? Contact me!

How do you get there?
Our basecamp in Kil is situated 250 Km north of Gothenburg. GPS: N5934.164 E1320.578

All participants will get further information via mail.

Register for the tours via mail: anders.f.jonsson@telia.com

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